I absolutely love photography. I’ve loved it since I was a teenager when I bought my very first SLR, a Minolta X-9 with a couple of Sigma lenses. That was a good 30 years ago! I have significant experience in the portrait photography world running my own professional portrait studio, however, my passion lands squarely with landscapes and aviation. That’s what my website is all about.
I adore being outdoors with my camera. Landscape photography has put me in certain places at certain times, often at dawn witnessing the beginning of a new day, which I would have otherwise missed. It is a peaceful activity, and for me, it is about being outside seeing and experiencing new locations in differing light and various weather conditions as much as photographing what I see. And I especially enjoy the slow considered pace and the technical side of exposing a landscape image. I find that there is something very special about standing behind my camera mounted on its tripod just before sunrise, often alone, experiencing the beginning of a new day with a beautiful scene in front of me. It's all about that moment, the eery silence or the dawn chorus, waiting for the perfect light and the moment I make the exposure.
Aviation photography is the polar opposite, often fast-paced action demanding a completely different set of camera skills. My lifelong passion for aviation combines with my love of photography to capture images of civil and military aircraft, usually at airshows and airports and military airfields around the country. Shooting loud, fast moving aircraft gives me the opportunity to use different cameras, lenses and techniques which are a stark contrast to making landscape images. Long exposures of sometimes several minutes give way to fast shutter speeds and long lenses, knowledge and anticipation of the aircraft’s movements essential in order to get the sharpest images. 
I’m based in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. All my images are available to purchase as prints.