BLOG: 20212020 - 2019 - ARCHIVE.
18th July 2021
My YouTube channel is now up and running and rather than blogging about my photography, I intend to vlog instead. I have no idea where this journey will take me, but it's not the end. Simply join me over on YouTube here
2nd April 2021
Another step towards freedom, away from lockdown. I'm finally out with my camera, a brief window of opportunity to dust off the gear bag and find a scene to photograph. It's not looking too promising though - I only have a couple of hours to shoot in the middle of the day and I'm given overcast, grey hazy skies in an area I'm not very familiar with. A quick search reveals a lookout point not far from me called Wittenham Clumps. I headed there as a starting point but soon discovered a promising-looking adjacent hill, marked Brightwell Barrow on my OS maps. 
So, to make the most of the conditions, I chose to shoot in RAW with the intention of making a fairly minimalist simple black and white conversion in post. Aided by a 0.9 ND soft edge grad trained on the bright featureless sky, I composed the image with a lead-in line made by tractor marks in the field running up the hill towards the trees at the summit.
How do I feel about this shot? Well, to be honest, it's far from my best. But that wasn't the intention of going out with my camera. This was all about simply going out with my camera again and enjoying some freedom.